My first blog post comes at a unique time in our global history. The US is now the country with most Corona virus cases and we are waiting to see the curve flatten with our home stay efforts. When I tag lined my site “Med Professionals Working in Broken Healthcare System” my focus was the corporate intrusion into medical professionals careers. The care that medical professionals are trained to provide is at odds with profits of corporate medicine.

Now in Corona time I see the broken system as the constraints under which you are fighting the battle. And I am pleased to offer some words and programs that can help the emotional and mental exhaustion of these Corona times. The physical exhaustion is real and I hope that you respect yourselves with needed rest. Know your efforts are greatly appreciated at this time as you risk your own health. I honor you . There is a beginning, a middle and an end.

I am not adding to the litany of advise sheets available on PPE and hygiene measures.  I am offering my services at 50% reduction and my webinar is free at this time.

It is imperative that you tend to your mental health in a crisis.  If you are experiencing stress symptoms of panic, brain scramble, thoughts of screaming out or punching a wall… try the webinar. Advice directly to medical professionals.  How to calm the mind and be able to see options more clearly.

Updates to blog and email will direct you to good sources for mental health during this crisis. Enjoy my weekly broadcast on (Wednesday 10:30 EST) . They  can also be heard as podcast series  “RISE: Medical Professionals Finding Happiness in a Broken Healthcare System”.  Link is on this website.   Last week we talked about down and dirty transitions to home after shifts and this week we tackle coping mechanisms and how they may be helping us in this crisis-good or bad?  How to broaden the self care choices.

REMEMBER ABC in a crisis:  Acceptance, Breathe, Compassion for self

Please join me however you can.  Be Safe. Stay Well. Seek Happy.