The CoVid pandemic has changed many things. One is appreciation for the dedication and hard work of medical workers.

I want to be inclusive with that gratitude as I am with my coaching. I want to thank all the Doctors, Nurses, PAs, NPs, LPNs, MAs, NAs, Pharmacists, and all the techs that make the whole healthcare possible. We talk about ventilators – the end game – but there are hours of hard work with x-rays, blood draws and lab running, IV set ups and administrations, x-rays, CT scans, and much more. Medical care has timing and accuracy requirements that make the work even more demanding. Lack of family support for the hospitalized means even reaching for that glass of ice can require additional care. With the increased personal risk, increased patient load and increased intensity of care- Its HUGE.

And to be inclusive, I must also think of all those who are sent home from clinics. NO elective procedures performed and most appointments by telemedicine. It is not easy to lose income, lose connection, and hard to admit your own personal risk is grater than the need in your community. Many medical professionals following this pandemic from their homes are also greatly affected.

I suggest you look at what has this increased time given you the freedom to pursue? Initially, I suggest making a list of what do you want to keep in your life during CoVid quarantine? What good behaviors have you been working on that you do not want to lose during this home time? Knowing that behavior change is hard and you made progress-keep those habits. Modify (run stairs-not hills, eat frozen veggies) but keep them.

Want to try some post quarantine growth (PQG)? Remember it all starts with presence. Being real with yourself as it is right now. Remember less can be more and let go of expectations and strict timelines. Now is a time of freedom to explore your laid away interests. How can you be supported as you develop? Online assistance? Meetup virtual groups?

Remember-start with small steps, celebrate success and expect failure – that’s how you learn, Perhaps your interest can be shared with others and become a double bonus of giving to increase your happiness. Allow this time with your interest to feel like self care. Like loving your true self.

Whether you are exhausted on the front lines or spinning from home stay-remember mindful living, healthy giving. We will all see a brighter day. We will celebrate the power of science over disease and mankind over virus So be present and create the best post quarantine growth for yourself that you can. I honor you.

Be Well. Be Happy.