The metaphor of the wind swept tree enduring the forces and yet staying grounded… is it feeling today for you?

There have been so many forces against you as medical professionals in the past month. As the number of unemployed non essential workers rises, the toll on the front line is highlighted by suicide and nosocomial infection deaths from COVID 19. Messaging from leadership inconsistent and finger pointing when all hands need to be on deck is disheartening to say the least. In all of this distress where are you finding your grounding?

Like identifying your three top values, I encourage you to identify one area that creates your tap root. What one thing has always been there for you ? Comfort is found in sleep, running, prayer, cooking, mediation, cleaning, building, painting, reading, singing ….the list is long. When you think of the one thing that “has been there for you ” what is it? If we leave out intoxicants – all of these will work to ground you now. If some activities could become problems if over indulged find a way to turn a healthier tone to it. For instance if cooking does settle your heart- learn to cook from the Mediterranean or dash diet with your own flare. If golfing settles your soul can you hang a sheet and create your own driving range or create putting green. Think broadly. Once you find security in your grounding tap root activity become willing to experience the wind. Let the drama float by and stay with your root. Learn to take a break in your root comforts. Schedule a root comfort break regularly. This is a marathon not a sprint so create a habit of allowing yourself a break while the powerful winds surround you.

This will pass and fighting leadership for answers now and demanding things return to the way they were are bound to increase your suffering. Impermanence and change are constant. We will have to see how these winds will change us and when they will end. This uncertainty is best handled with mindfulness. I encourage you to work toward your own happiness by accepting these are times of great uncertainty and impermanence. Grow strong in those roots that serve your best growth. Reach out for help if needed.

Join me tomorrow in World Mediation Day at noon MST. Collecting our energy for positive change.

Stay well. Seek Happy. Kristine