Finding Happiness in a Broken Healthcare System

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When the modern healthcare confusion and COVID crisis strip you of purpose and joy in your career, your life feels empty. Kristine understands the conflicting emotions in healthcare. By focusing on yourself- your energy, your thoughts, your actions and reactions through this seven part webinar, we can break the cycle of fatigue and create wholeness that supports your life journey.

Webinar #1 Acceptance is key to reaching peace. Knowing your values puts light on your life path.

Webinar #2 Understanding your place within the broken healthcare system lessens the burden.

Webinar #3 Chronic adversity can lead to personal growth with the right sense of control.

Webinar #4 Practicing befriending oneself melts the critical mind and creates space for gratitude.

Webinar #5 Deeper appreciation of the science of your mind and its handling of experiences/trauma.

Webinar #6 Rituals to calm your mind – moving and breathing.

Webinar #7 Rituals to calm your mind – meditation for busy people.