Mission and Vision

Our Mission

MedPro Coaching is an integrated life coaching program with the mission of providing connection, mindfulness training, and stress management tools to reduce the rate of medical provider “burn out”, depression  and suicide.

Our Vision

Many experiencing the moral injury of providing medical care in the profit driven broken American health care system have nowhere to turn with their frustration and exhaustion.

Medical professionals today do not have a strong voice in their daily activities while working for large corporations.  Many are not looking for a leadership role, but want to use their intellect and training to heal others.  They want to feel the positive impact of their efforts in a respectful workplace.

MedPro Coaching is dedicated to returning medical professionals to their career intention. Rooted in principles of mindfulness we increase the sense of impact their medical care provides. Coaching and webinars  teach management of  expectations and time.  By sharing experiences and finding a path to happiness in and out of the medical care setting, participants grow toward their true selves.

Making My Vision a Reality

  • I provide web based resources for health care professionals
  • I provide individual and group coaching programs for health care professionals
  • I lecture nationally to professional groups and to the community
  • I advocate for policy changes to bring American healthcare to a human right free of profit and abusive behavior toward providers