Our Services

Integrative Health Coaching with Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Who I Work With

I work with a wide range of health issues experienced by medical professionals. These health issues may be impacting your physical and emotional well being. Health professionals seeking help for mental health issues including stress and coping behaviors can find unexpected impacts on their careers. Coaching provides support and camaraderie that can mitigate stress and depression. It allows for the redevelopment of life habits and behaviors to reflect the client’s values and dreams. Collateral benefits are felt throughout the client’s contacts: patients, co-workers, spouses, family, community. 


As the coach, I work to create a comfortable, confidential, and supportive atmosphere during coaching. I offer a highly personalized approach tailored to each of my client’s needs to help them attain personal growth while working in a broken system. 

Webinars, Podcasts, and Publications

Through webinars, podcasts, and publications I apply the principles of mindfulness to the practice of medicine in today’s broken healthcare system. I provide techniques and guidance to create an individual habit of meditation and self-care.  

Corporate Systems

Well trained medical professionals today have little training on how to work in large corporate systems. EHR and other time demands have eroded the daily activities of caregivers. The purpose has been skewed to keeping employment and moral injuries abound. I understand these forces and work with individuals to find joy and purpose while working in a broken system.