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The basis of my coaching is integrative health and mindfulness-based stress reduction. Additionally, I have studied happiness, resilience, care-giving, art, and movement therapy. I feel fortunate to have taken this time to learn about our minds, our spirits, and the difficult balance of giving to others and caring for your own needs.  Coaching focuses on the client, through webinars I share what I have learned and how to apply it to the healthcare workers life and career. Subjects include recognizing the problem, time management, rituals to calm the mind, being the authentic you, and more. Each session challenges you to participate in an activity. The first webinar is free. You are able to access the webinars 24/7 and can digest at your own pace. I have divided the information in each session into two sections that can easily be watched in two twenty-minute sessions. Time is precious and so is your happiness and future.  

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